Trial Online ePro subject app

The Trial Online ePro app was designed with functionality in mind to keep it as user-friendly and straightforward as possible for all parties involved.

Our ePro system is an extensive toolbox for CROs and Pharmaceutical companies to create exactly the ePro system and app for optimal clinical trial patient engagement. We also offer additional tailored functionality and trial specific customization to suit your needs.

It has never been easier to run clinical trials and keep up-to-date information in one place, accessible 24/7 through any mobile device!

Home screen

The Trial Online ePro App home page gives the patient an overview of current tasks, future visits and quick access to logbook and questionnaires. It allows the patient to easily get information about the trial they are participating in and the treatments they are getting.

Widgets allow you to customize and tailor the app to match your specific trial needs and implement a trial specific functionality! This can be anything from the local weather forecast, UV index to data from a wearable device. *The widgets are developed by Replior on a per trial basis.

Trial information

The patient can easily access information about the trial they are participating in and the treatments they are receiving.


It is possible to set reminders for patients in numerous ways. Notifications can pop up on the app itself or reminders can be sent directly to the patients through email and/or SMS.

Using reminders and notifications can help ensure higher compliance for the clinical trial.

Reminders can be configured to be automatic or customized. For example, automatic reminders can alert patients a new questionnaire has been added. Patients can set customized reminders for events like doctor visits.

Update: It is now possible to include a link to a logbook.


One click access to the task overview page directly from the home page or from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Patients can complete, edit and submit questionnaires straight in the app.


The visits tab appears as a timeline and gives the patient a full overview of all up- coming scheduled appointments.

By clicking on a visit button, additional information can be displayed including specific preparation instructions or clinic direction

Logbooks, Patient Diaries

Logbooks are accessible with one click in the app either directly from the home page or at the navigation bar at the bottom.

Depending on the requirements of your clinical trial, logbooks can be configured to collect patient information periodically, upon downloading the app or ad hoc.

The logbooks can be used to collect data from patients about daily medication intake, blood pressure or any other information important to your trial.


One click access from the navigation bar to detailed treatment information.

You can describe and configure the treatment scheme(s) giving patients as much information as required about each treatment and how to participate.


Easily customizable to fit your trial, adding gamification by awarding trophies and badges for completion and progress. Each trial can define when the patient will receive the awards; for example, after a certain number of answered questionnaires, time in the trial, compliance rate or something else.

Media sharing

App Media sharing allows the patient to share trial information on social media and via SMS and mail.

If the App Media sharing is included in the app then a share icon is visible on the top menu bar. Clicking the icon opens a sidebar on the right of the screen.


Automatic scoring gives an overview of the results of a questionnaire. Scoring can be programmed for any questionnaire and all calculation scenarios can be implemented.

Compliance & Progress bars

Keep the patient engaged and motivated with compliance and progress bars. The overview bar track the patients personal progress throughout the trial.

NEW: Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits is a communication module to use for Site-to-Patient communication during clinical trials. Using the Trial Online Virtual Visit Telehealth solution gives patients the security and convenience of participating from their home, while the investigator safely monitors symptoms and tests while collecting data. Virtual Visits allow the investigator to observe the participant, instruct them to complete assessments and record their observations directly into the EDC system.

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