Trial Online ePro

Trial Online ePRO provides Patient diary and questionnaire service to clinical studies.

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The Trial Online ePro Dashboard gives you an overview how your Trial is progressing, featuring data from current and future events, participants compliance and task overview.


The Task overview graph is an interactive doughnut graph that displays proportions between different tasks.

participant graph

The enrolled participant graph shows monthly/yearly newly enrolled participants and accumulated number in a line and bar graph.

Compliance %
by site overview

The compliance percentage by site graph shows an overview of all sites and their compliance percentage.

Progress %
by event

The progress percentage by event graph shows an overview of all events and their progress percentage.


Add and assign different users and user role. The interface of Trial Online ePro changes after user role, it is specifically designed and easy to use for every user. You can assign the following user roles:


Create user friendly Questionnaires and Logbooks, with multiple layout and structure options. Customise survey descriptions and user messages, add useful tips and design a questionnaire completely after your need.

It is also possible to lock and unlock logbook entries. Lock entries can not be edited or deleted by the patient.

Scheduled Events

Schedule when your questionnaires will be available for data entry. Set start and end date for each questionnaire, group questionnaires together in events and add different languages.

Survey & Event Notifications

Add notifications to Events and Surveys to be send to patient. Set start point, recurring interval and which media the notification will send through.

Questionnaire scoring

Add a questionnaire scoring attribute to a questionnaire to enable scoring. You have full control over scoring details, and the possibility to add and customise a scoring message for the patients, to be shown after completing and submitting questionnaire.


Add treatment info and set matching pattern and attributes to specify which patients will see the treatments info. Treatment information is shown to the patients in the ePro subject app.


Engage your patients with gamification!
By adding awards to events, task or even time spend in a trial, you can improve retention and compliance rates. All awards can be customised awards to fit your specific requirements.

Review Logbook Entries

View logbook row entries from patients. Filter through a dropdown list to select Logbook, a site filter and a user filter.

Reports & Export

Trial Online ePro includes several types of reports to simplify the overview, monitoring and security of the trial. In Trial Online ePro users can also create and customize additional exports.


A complete audit trail is maintained from data entry through all changes in the system. The Trial Online system includes many types of reports to simplify the overview, monitoring and security of the trial. Additional customized reports are readily available

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