Modernize your informed consent process with Trial Online’s eConsent.

Trial Online’s eConsent allows you to make the shift from paper-based to an online solution.

Paper free informed consent will not only improve quality and compliance but retention for your clinical trial. eConsent provides patients with clear and understandable clinical trial information so you can make sure that they are fully informed when making a decision to participate in your trial. This saves not only time which is critical for optimal launch timeframes, but money for your budget.

User interface

The homepage gives users a quick overview of all trials they are currently participating in, allows users to easily change between the trials and view personal and specific trial information.

Instant patient overview

The patient overview table contains information about the patients participating in the clinical trial. Additionally the table is search enabled along with filters so specific information can be accessed quickly and easily.

Add new patients easily

Adding new patients into the eConsent system is simple and quick.

If a patient has already signed a consent form externally they can still be added to the eConsent system. All that is required is checking a field upon the data input process.

Add new consent

The new consent form leads you through a simple 3 part form to add and define a new consent.

Consent sign

Clicking the sign consent button opens a dialog box which contains two parts: the consent content and the consent form. The patient must read and reach the end of the PDF file and fill in all required inputs before it is possible to submit the consent.

After a patient successfully signs a consent, it is possible to countersign the consent.

Revoke consent

Clicking the revoke button opens a confirm dialog box where the patient’s consent can be revoked.


Quickly view and edit your templates.
With one click you can manage, define and translate template languages.

Full control over Trial Consents

eConsent allows you to have full control over your trial consents just by clicking on ‘List of Consent’ for a selected trial.
You will be able to:


eConsent includes several types of reports to easily gather the data you need for an overview. Reports show the first and last name and consent status for each patient participating in the clinical trial.


It is possible to set up and define notifications, allowing for easier management of your trial. All notifications in the system are sent using email as transport protocol.

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