Secure, Powerful and Cost effective EDC and ePro software

There is a growing need for easy to use, cost effective and trustworthy Electronic Data Capture, EDC systems.
Trial Online is an EDC system that meets all three criteria.
Trial Online EDC and ePro software is fully compliant with industry & regulatory standards and provides features to ensure data security and accuracy.

since 200

Trial Online is owned by Replior AB and have been serving clinical trials with EDC, hosting and backup since 2000. Replior provide three to four new, customer driven, releases annually.

Fully compliant

Trial Online is a designed, developed, and tested computer system as defined in PIC/S ‘Good Practices for Computerized Systems In Regulated “GxP” Environments’ and is compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.
The Quality Management System is built on quality standards in the industry, e.g. guidelines and directives provided by ISPE, FDA and EMA.
Replior and Trial Online are audited regularly by its clients (regulated companies)

Hosting and backup included

Trial Online is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on a server dedicated to the client. The server is managed and hosted by Replior and is easily upgraded with more power if needed. Backup is done once every 24h with IBM TSM and include a Disaster Recovery image.


Trial Online EDC

Trial Online ePro

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