TrialOnline ePro has gone mobile:
All you need to know about the new App

It has never been easier to run clinical trials and keep up-to-date information in one place, accessible 24/7 through any mobile device.
Our ePro app was designed with functionality in mind to keep it as user-friendly and straightforward as possible for all parties involved.

The app downloads straight to an Android or Apple device and with a quick login the subject has access to everything he needs for the duration of the clinical trial right from the home screen.

The subject can have access to the trial, read information about the treatments and download documents directly within the app. The app also contains all current tasks, questionnaires and logbooks, and allows the subject to access, complete, edit and submit these all within the app. Furthermore is it possible to send reminders to subjects and update information on trials directly through the app.

Doctors and Clinics will the ePro app because:

  • It has higher compliance as it’s easier for patients to complete questionnaires and fill in their logbooks
  • It works right in the ePro system so there is no need for new software
  • Trial information and updates submitted in the ePro system show in the app
  • communication including reminders, notifications and information about treatments is easily accessible by subjects in the trial

Subjects will the ePro app because:

  • They can update settings anytime, no more needing to call or complete paperwork during an appointment
  • They have a bird’s-eye calendar view of their scheduled visits and easy access and overview of tasks, questionnaires and logbooks
  • They have access to relevant, up-to-date information about the trial’s treatments at their fingertipsp
  • They can complete entire questionnaires on the go through a mobile device

Knowing subjects in trials can have busy lives, there is a scheduler function within the app to keep subjects updated on future doctor’s visits and treatments with notifications sent to subjects as reminders.

Here at Trial Online we have made it easier for a subject to be a part of a clinical trial. The convenience of the app allows the subject to complete tasks and logbooks while being on the train, standing in line at the coffee shop or even waiting at the doctor’s office – which results in higher subject compliance in your trial.