Replior AB manages the IT Operations of the Trial Online service.
IT-infrastructure elements are placed in a data center facility that is embedded in the Swedish bedrock. This ensures extremely tough physical protection. Access to the facility is only granted after registration and authorization on site. Power is provided with redundant UPS backup and diesel generator backup (n+1 in accordance with TIA 942 Tier 2). The physical environment within the facility has regulated temperature (22 degrees C +- 5 degrees) and humidity (50% +- 10%) with redundancy. Every technical space is a separate fire cell.

Server hosting

Trial Online is supplied on a dedicated virtual server to the client. The virtual servers run on a redundant layers of production servers, utilizing VmWare. Storage is redundant with IBM SAN. Each delivery of Trial Online is protected by a redundant firewall clusters. The servers performance is easily upgraded if needed. Trial Online is hosted in Sweden and governed by Swedish law.


Backups are made on the entire Trial Online server once every 24 hours to the Replior main backup system, utilizing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. A secondary backup system, the Disaster Recovery system, maintains a copy of the primary backup system and is situated in a different fire cell from the primary backup system. Backup scope and retention policy can be tailored upon agreement with the client. Backup restore is made by Replior and can be tested regularly if agreed upon.


Replior monitor service performance 24/7 and will initiate troubleshooting if malfunction is suspected or reported. Service performance issues can be reported to Replior by phone or e-mail 24/7.

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