How eConsent saves time & money for your clinical trial

There has been a significant shift over the past decade to go paperless. While it has been a slow adoption process for medical clinical trials, more companies are beginning to find multifaceted value. The eConsent form, a way to receive patient consent to participate in clinical trials electronically, is a solution that is simply integrated while providing numerous benefits. Those benefits add up into both time and dollar savings, while increasing patient retention. A win, win, win situation for any and all clinical trials. Here’s how eConsent accomplishes this.


The first benefit, and an expected one, is the ease of managing online forms received from patients and stored in one database versus collecting paperwork. The traditional process of getting the forms to the patient, the patient completing the forms fully and entirely, returning the forms, and said forms ending up in the right place with the right person without getting damaged or lost for the duration of the trial provides countless chances of an error occurring. With eConstent all the forms are electronically sent to the patient, received and safely secured in an online database.


With eConsent, the forms are all stored electronically in an online database that is regularly backed up, upgraded and monitored. That means there is minimal chance of losing patient forms which in turn results in higher compliance levels.


Permission can be given to appropriate parties to access patient information and forms as needed for the duration of the trial, making the entire process during the trial much more manageable.


One of the most difficult and expensive parts of a medical trial is undoubtedly getting patients to sign up and keep engaged throughout the trial. eConsent allows patients to read through clinical trial forms and sign up to participate at their convenience. This decreases the time factor for busy patients who are interested but don’t prioritize completing registration. When the patient doesn’t need to schedule a meeting, take the time to go to the meeting, take the information home and return with completed paperwork they are more likely to participate.


For any patient to take part in a clinical trial two requirements must be fulfilled. First, the patient must consent to each phase of the trial and secondly the patient must be informed of the process, risks, benefits and details of the trial itself. With eConsent the patient can read through all the necessary documentation at their own pace, while the medical team has access to their progress. This allows the patient to get a thorough understanding of what is expected of them and easier to then fulfill those obligations, increasing their compliance levels. Signing off on the forms becomes more convenient for the patient when they can do this electronically through a simple verification process. When we minimize the time needed and increase the convenience factor with eConsent, we increase compliance levels allowing more patients to register for the trial.


eConsent provides many benefits to the patient and for the pharmaceutical company conducting the trial. When all patient forms are stored electronically in a safe and easily accessible database and points of physical contact are minimized, the overall process speeds up. Time is a critical factor for many medical clinical trials, and eConsent can be an easy way to accelerate the timeline.


Society has transitioned from an awareness of environmental impact to a demand for change over the past decade. With so many protocols and requirements in place to successfully conduct a medical trial, one place where the use of papers can be minimized is with consent forms. eConsent is the environmentally conscious approach to educating and receiving patient consent. Many people are very conscious of their carbon footprint and are actively making changes in their daily habits. eConsent may be the make or break factor in a patient’s decision to participate in the clinical trial.


Integrating eConsent today allows your organization to easily upgrade when more features are accessible in the future. Things like incorporating multimedia to further simplify the clinical trial requirements and engage patients through videos will increase compliance levels. 
The more we can create a deeper understanding of clinical trial requirements for patients and maximize ease of participation, the quicker we can get patients to sign up and complete clinical trials. eConsent is a way to accomplish this.

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