Trial Online has been in operation since the beginning of 2000, as a trusted eCRF provider for thousands of clinical studies made over the years, from small Phase I trials to global Phase III/IV trials.
Trial Online ePRO provides Patient diary and questionnaire service to clinical studies.

About Trial Online EDC and ePro

Trial Online EDC has been in operation since 2000.

In early 2016 Trial Online ePRO was launched. Trial Online ePro can be used as an integrated service with Trial Online EDC or as a stand-alone service.

In 2019 Trial Online ePro app and eConsent was launched.

Trial Online is owned by Replior AB as a part of the  Hiberion Group.

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Quality is the heart of everything we do, and it has to be!

Trial Online is a designed, developed, and tested computer system as defined in PIC/S ‘Good Practices for Computerised Systems In Regulated “GxP” Environments’. And Trial online is of course compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Our Quality Management System is built on quality standards in the industry, e.g. guidelines and directives provided by ISPE, FDA and EMA. Replior and Trial Online are audited regularly by its clients (regulated companies).

Quality & Compliance

We are dedicated to deliver a service of the highest quality in all aspects of our operation. Furthermore we continually try to meet, or exceed, all expectations of our customers. From development, through general product release, we have a high focus on quality and compliance. We have accomplished this by leveraging the latest technological solutions and regulatory standards such as:

Product Quality

All systems and processes used to manage a clinical trial are a part of a regulated process that must be validated and needs to meet both FDA regulations and ICH guidelines. All Trial Online’s products follows these guidelines as well as industry standards to ensure product quality. This includes Software Development Life Cycle, System Qualification, and Quality Assurance Testing.

Therapeutic Experience

Trial Online has conducted over five hundred studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our software can accommodate the most complex of clinical trial designs, with an easy and time saving set-up. Conducting a study has never been easier.

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