5 Ways to Optimize Success for your ePro Clinical Study

Statistics show that up to 30%* of patients drop out of a trial showcasing the considerable challenge both CROs and pharmaceutical companies face during clinical trials. To maximize success for your clinical trial, we’ve put together five ePro verification questions to ensure patients remain motivated through to the finish line.

How user-friendly is your ePro system for patients?

When selecting an ePro provider, like TrialOnline, it is crucial to consider how user-friendly it is not just for the team building the trial, but for the patients that will be using it on a regular basis. It must be easy for patients to login, the home page must be clean and easy to navigate and most importantly, patients should be able to exit and return to complete questionnaires later.

How is the ePro login procedure?

If it is complicated and time consuming, there is a good chance you will lose your patient before he or she has even gotten to the questionnaire.

How complex is the ePro landing page? Is it difficult for the patients to quickly get a good overview?

If the layout is confusing the patient will lose focus and interest quickly. To capture data consistently and keep patients motivated the ePro landing page should be a clean, simple layout. Ensure that the patient profile, access to questionnaires and clinical study information is a one-click access point. If finding the questionnaire turns into a click and backtrack feast for the patients, it’s almost guaranteed that he or she will shut down the website before ever finding the questionnaire.

How are your questionnaires written?
Do they make sense to non-professionals?

“Ask the right questions if you’re to find the right answers.Vanessa Redgrave

As medical professionals passionate and knowledgeable about the study at hand, it can be easy to forget about the patient when creating the trial questionnaire. If a question is not easy to understand, or there is a chance the patient will misunderstand the question, not only can the patient lose interest, the compliance of your trial can also suffer.

How is the questionnaire presented?
Do you inform the patient of progress and indicate how many questions remain to completion?

After a few pages, a questionnaire can quickly seem like a never ending task. If there is no clear end point for the patient to work towards, it is likely he or she will leave the questionnaire prematurely. Make sure that you write in a clear and understandable tone, and choose a question layout that make sense to the patients. Explain clearly in each question what is expected of the patients. If your questionnaire is long, make sure to add a progress bar for the patients to see and follow to avoid dropouts just before the finish line.

And for a bonus number six, have you set up reminders for the patients? With Trial Online you can set up notifications right in the app. Additionally you can also send out sms or email reminders to get patients attention back on track and logged back in ePro finishing questionnaires on the agreed schedule.
Checking off all five of these ways to optimize your clinical study is easy with our Trial Online ePro solution. We make it possible for you to quickly and easily create a patient-friendly and compliant questionnaire so you capture data and focus on getting to market.

*Sources: “EDC and eCOA/ePRO Market Dynamics and Service Provider Performance,” ISR, 2015.

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