5 Reasons EDC Accelerates Time to Market

Today’s agile technology world creates a demand that reaches far above just patient benefit in delivering cutting-edge medical treatments and solutions. The breaking factor for clinical trials can often be time to market. When success hinges on time and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment, not to mention countless patients whose lives could be greatly improved and even saved, utilizing electronic data capture (EDC) becomes more than just an operational cost activity.

Here are five ways that using an EDC platform for your clinical study reduces time to market:

Streamline study builds

The longest process with an EDC solution is developing initial configurations that include trial standards for the study and setting edit checks for optimal success rates and minimizing errors. However this is only a significant undertaking the first time an EDC platform is integrated for a company to ensure organizational standards are built. Once this is in place, creating the necessary forms in the study startup phase is merely an exercise in copying functions from the system’s library and making adjustments as necessary.

Improve the accuracy of clinical trial information

Deploying required studies in an EDC platform creates standardization across all parties involved. This includes the company, partners, internal teams, hospitals, clinics, doctors and the patients themselves. When company-wide standards are tactfully configured, using an EDC platform ensures consistency, reusability and compliance for clinical trials. This allows for more accurate information gathering during the trial, higher compliance with patients and minimal errors.  Another critical reason utilizing an EDC platform like Trial Online is optimal for your study’s success.

Accelerate the patient study enrolment timeline

Capturing the necessary metrics and clinical study data is simplified and far more efficient with an electronic data capture system. When diligence is employed during the configuration stage, a global library of edit checks, verifications and standards is created in the EDC and case report forms can quickly be built and deployed. This decreases the time it takes during the study build phase and allows organizations to build a database well before the first visit of the first patient.

Analyze trial results sooner

Launch first or fail faster? Either way analyzing clinical study reports for trials is where the bulk of time should lie.  Unfortunately the time cycle of designing trials, conducting the study to satisfy all protocols, gathering enough patient information, keeping patients compliant, and finally achieving database lock when all data is complete and finalized is lengthy. An EDC platform reduces these timelines in two specific areas, during the study build phase as already discussed and at a critical place in the trial, the cleaning and finalization of all gathered data. Achieving database lock for your study not only saves time but money for the statistical management team. EDC platforms also allow for ad-hoc reports and interim analysis during the trial further saving time. This means organizations can review results for the clinical trial more efficiently and progress further to market launch quicker. Or if necessary changing direction if the study results do not support the initial hypothesis and time can be spent on implementing changes, launching new innovations or entering new markets to stay relevant.

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Beat the competition

Perhaps the most significant benefit of utilizing an EDC like Trial Online is getting the upper hand on competition. Today medical technology is a booming industry, and clinical trial protocols are as stringent as ever. Being the first in the market to offer a new solution can make your organization the go-to-solution, even when the inevitable copycat no-name products enter the market.

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